Best Junior Tennis Racquets – Sweet kids pick in 2020

As a junior player, you simply need something that is the right size for you and will allow you to learn all of the ground strokes. You don’t need some really fancy racquet, although it wouldn’t hurt if you had something nice to play with. If you just have something reliable as a junior player, then you can really learn the game and get better through your lessons. We carry a huge selection of junior-ready racquets from just about every tennis company that there is.

This junior racquets article is especially suited for the needs of those players who are just getting into the game. That means that they are very forgiving racquets and they have very big sweet spots. The head on most of these racquets is oversized so that you can learn how to play the game without missing too many shots at the beginning. The good thing about playing with one of these racquets is that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get started in tennis.


Best Tennis Raquets list for 2020Heading

This is list of best junior tennis racquets now, you can refer and choose for your children.

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Top Rated Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racket 25-inch Grip size: 3 7/8
Head size: 106
Length: 25 in
Strung weight: 7.8oz/225g
Price: $
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Top Rated Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racket, 21-InchGrip size: 3 7/8
Head size: 92
Length: 21 in
Strung weight: 6.6oz/186g
Price: $
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Top Rated Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racket, 21-InchGrip size: 3 7/8
Head size: 95
Length: 23 in
Strung weight: 8.5 oz/240 g
Price: $$
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The main considerations are as follows.


Depending on your preference. Influence of beliefs etc.

The size of the grip to fit your hand and tighten with the child. Not to big or too small. I have to try it. To take children to. I took him to test it.


Small Grip 4 1/ 4 inches.

Grip size 4 3/ 8 inches.

Grip size 4 inches.


The standard length of a tennis racquet is 27 ”

Junior Size Length 25 ” for children aged 7-10 years.

Cadet Size Length 23 ” for children aged 5-8 years.

Mini Size Length 21 ” for children 4-6 years.

Weight of the racquet junior. Should not be too heavy for children. So at first it struck me as a waste of time because the beat is not firearms control. It is hard wood itself. Proper weight should not exceed 275 g for children aged 7-8 years, this factor can vary the strength of muscle each child.


Firearms or frame size from 95 to 120 percent – from 90 to 95 inches square – inch Mid Size ( berry size ), the player will need to have expertise. To play the next berry. Must be able to control the ball hitting the racquet by Man – Yum size 110-120 square – inch Oversize ( large crossbow ) has area. Chance to hit a tennis ball. Firearms are more.

For this many texts that I had heard and seen to take the baby to a tennis match. Some of the children used a big wooden or Over sized, which are lighter, use less power in the strike. But some people just use ordinary firearms. The accuracy to hit more But the speed of the ball over. I use a normal child. It ‘s normal to get used to my face.


– Junior take down of Roger Federer’s racquet of choice

– Great new graphics

– Improved power and stability

– Headsize: 95″ – Strung Weight: 7.9 oz / 225 g – Length: 25″ – Balance: 1 pt. HH – String Pattern: 16×17 – Cross Section: 20 mm RG


Choosing the best junior tennis racquet is not easy, so you have to read this article carefully when choose tennis racquet for your children, and if possible you should take your children go to the trying tennis store for them to try it and then determine the style of their tennis racquet. Then you can choose the best junior tennis racquet via some online store such as Tennis express by click here to the image etc. We wish you will choose the best junior tennis racquet for your children. Thanks

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