How To Choose The Best Tennis Racquet Size

Together with determining the best grip size for your tennis racquet, determining the best overall tennis racquet size is of equal importance in providing you with the best possible playing experience possible. There are a few things which will influence your choices here, so lets have a look at some of the things you should consider. Obviously if you are a child, you will opt for a child size racquet, so this discussion will focus on the adult sizes.

Best Tennis Racquet Size

When talking about tennis racquet size, we are specifically interested in the overall length of the racquet as well as the size of the racquet head. Choices in these two key areas will be determined by your playing ability (beginner, intermediate and advanced), style of play (power hitter, light hitter, combination hitter), which will in turn influence your decision regarding the weight of your racquet (heavy, medium, light). As all these variables come in threes, it is possible to identify and weight up options which will result in the correct size of choice. The majority of the weight in a tennis racquet can be found in the head.
Head Size


This comes in three choices as well. Large, Medium and Traditional. As you might expect, the large racquet head suits a power hitter and measures between 107 and 135 square inches. This size will provide consistency and a large ‘sweet spot’ as well as suiting a heavier weight racquet head. It will typically weight more than 11 ounces and provides excellent control.

A Medium size racquet head measures between 100 and 106 square inches. It provides medium control, suits most players and is a medium weight. It also provides reasonable control while maintaining power and weighs between 9.8-10.9 ounces.

This smaller size smaller than 100 square inches. The smaller head provides a high level of control but requires the player to provide any power in their shots. Typically, this is the lightest weight racquet at 9 – 9.4 ounces and especially suits smaller players.
Racquet Length

This is defined as being from the bottom of the handle to the top of the racquet head. When deciding on the length of your racquet, your game style and general size must be taken into consideration. Measuring between 28.5-29 inches, the majority of racquets manufactured today are ‘long’. Players find it provides greater court coverage and more power. A traditional length racquet is a standard 27.5 – 28 inches long and suits smaller players while providing both control and power.

A few other factors come into play when choosing a tennis racquet, such as head shape and flexibility, however, these variables do not generally affect tennis racquet size. With technological advances in recent years, graphite is the material of choice for racquet construction. This has had an impact on overall tennis racquet size, because it is possible to manufacture larger racquets while keeping the weight down. As always, regardless of size, weight, style and make of your tennis racquet, you should focus on enjoying your tennis, confident you have made good decisions in selecting your equipment.

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