Choose The Appropriate Tennis Racquet Maximize Power

A suitable racquet will maximize the strength of the players.


Sometimes someone will wonder: If the world’s top players like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal Tennis for change and play together, the result will be how? The answer: Federer will not be legendary FedEx and Rafa Nadal is no longer outstanding. A player will stick almost a lifetime with a tennis racket with brands and impoverished loath to give up something someone “sword” and they have tens of years of practice.

That is we are talking about professional tennis, when it comes to Federer’s racquet brands mentioned Wilson Tour BLX 6.1 with Wilson trees make calls kaleidoscope effect, with Nadal’s racket Babolat brand Babolat AeroPro Drive with tree ability to generate topspin swirling hard to resist. As amateur tennis movement, when a player owns, while several of the racquet few different companies, sometimes just hand does take great racquet to “fight”.

But obviously, if you choose a racquet “standard” configuration, play everyone’s favorite will surely promote the whole of the strongest point of this player. And to begin with tennis, the first thing you need to do is choose a pleasant racket and then continue to the next step.


Please do not run under the “one” used according to the label of the tennis stars such as Wilson, Head, Babolat, Yonex … but please pay attention to health issues by a racquet inconsistent with age makes love with tennis will have a shortened life expectancy seen by the injury and discomfort when performing the hit.

Older people and fun to play tennis as elegant style tai chi, peach silk weak sisters in another trot bring romance with tennis racquet should choose the light weight of 220 – 270g and add the power assist. A racquet head of support would be somewhat heavy, rolling slightly (identified by “weight” racket hand-pole style) helps the player does not have many health was “borrowed” more power in the shot.

choose tennis racquet follow your old and health

In addition, the racquet head sizes are suitable for large players to accuracy and does not hit the five-five finish blow opponents.

With the masculine, even those parents still pay respectable power should hold the racquet with little assistance, weighing between 270 – 310g, head sizes to its middle. This will help your racquet is just attack, defense has to create an exciting match and tense as expected!

And for those who dream to fly back on the field as a professional player, select the racquet without assistance, greater weight 310g and smaller head sizes.

But that’s just the prelude of the bat but not completely selected as the key to select the “sword” will you cross the years. Still there are many other factors to you to decide what to bring with you any racquet.


Of course, tennis rackets to play tennis, but you hold the racquet to play like that is another story. As well as professional players, amateur players after a period of learning and “fly” to determine their fit with most any style of play.

He does have the lightning strike serve or serve in play – the net volley (serve and volley), so select the racquet longer than normal. Regulations only allow a maximum racquet 29 inches (73.6 cm over) and firms often produce tennis racquet 27 inches (nearly 69 cm). So if you have a good shot serve, choose the larger racket 27 inches.

Lightweight racquet and well suited to the female tennis player and enjoys playing the shot upon shot left with two hands (idol Monica Seles). Length racket enough for two hand grip and above all the racket faster pace than usual.

Federer fans with mixed reviews of tennis standards, select the racquet head light weight but heavy and especially small head sizes range 90 inch 2 (580 cm2) compared to other racquet head sizes range 95-110 inch 2.


Holding a racquet in hand will block the “dizziness” as seen on the racket itself is a series of parameter names in English. Will many people ignore this factor, but it is also one of the criteria for choosing a racquet like that.

Weight: Of course your weight to determine racket racquet heavy or light.

Balance: The balance of the racquet, measurement of weight distribution on the length of the racquet racket handle (butt cap), commonly used unit is mm. Correspondingly, the points (points – pts), equivalent to 1 pts = 1/8 inch = 0.3175 cm. Since then determine head light (head light – HL) or heavy (heavy head – HH).

Head size: The size of the frame. Bigger and more powerful “sweet spot” (sweetspot) on the strings, but smaller than the control help us better shots.

Mains 16 – 19 crosses: bat density wire strung along – how horizontal wire. Usually the vertical wires 16, 19 cross strings but also racquet is 18 vertical, 20 horizontal Head YouTek IG Speed as a 18/20 MP’s Novak Djokovic has just unveiled at the Australian Open and since then the “right tree staff “help Nole domination gioi.

Grip: Hand grip (grip). Often there is an accompanying figure is 41/8 to 45/8 inches to measure the size of the grip fit your hand or not. The easiest way to measure the eastern grip style – Eastern – 3 shot to hit upon.

Usually the racquet in Asia in accordance with the Asians have little hands at 41/4. If those who hold hands to make it bigger can wrap the outer layer of the handle to make the implementation shot danh.Recommended tension: tension mesh. The tension racquet usually ranges between a few pounds depending on the type of racquet and hitting each player. As Federer, tension the Wilson Tour BLX 6.1 21 kg and 22.5 kg for the wire along the horizontal wire, matching gameplay feels good ball, Nadal tension wires 25 kg for both horizontal and vertical wires create shadow lines more vortices, while Djokovic stretched to 28 kg for both vertical and horizontal wires, little topspin but powerful and unpredictable. And you can read how to choose for you the best tennis, misunderstanding about tennis racquet.

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