Don’t Buy Tennis Racquets Until You Read These Tips

Many people are going to buy a racquet  because their favourite player uses it and they are easy to believe racquet manufacturer promises in their advertising campaigns. When someone decides to buy a tennis racquet, it’s very important to choose right tennis racquet that suitable for  you. In fact, there are so many tips that must be considered when buying a tennis racquet , example: the length and weight of the racquet….it’s up to the level at one player, too. It sounds simple, but sometimes you don’t know where to start, we will show you how to select a tennis racquet. That’s where this guide can help you:

  1. Player ‘s Skill Level:

When buying a racquet, the first thing you always determine your skill level before choosing a racquet. A beginner, you should play with a racquet that isn’t expensive but light enough  beacause it will help you easy to practice, it’s easy to swing. Ofcourse, if you’re an advanced player , you don’t want a  basic tennis racquet, right? Our advice: Beginners player or casual players should select lower cost and lower quality racquets. When choosing a tennis racquet, you should determine skill level of players! It’s a simple tip.

  1. Choose Between Pre-strung and Premium?

When buying for a racquet, you also have to determine is whether you want a pre-strung racquet or a premium racquet. Pre-strung racquets cost between $30 and $100 . Pre-strung racquets are suitable for beginners or casual players .

With premium racquets , they’re  suitable for for those who are looking to improve their playing skill and who play competitively. Most premium frames are priced from $100 to $200.

  1. Consider the Length of the Racquets: Normal Length or Extra Long?

A further consideration is length, how to buy a racquet  with right length? The length of a racquet is very important to a player’s tennis. So many years ago a racquet was 27 inches in length. Extra length of racquets up to 28 inches are available. According to us, a longer racquets give you more leverage on serves and greater reach on volleys; however , a shorter racquet are more maneuverable Of course, if you want more leverage you can also choose  longer racquets , you have to know that longer the length of racquet , more leverage when they swing.

  1. Choose Between Head Heavy and Head Light?

Choose the head size  for your skill level and style of play is very  important for you to consider. A racquet’s balance determines the power stability of the racquets.The racquets are easy to move at net is Head-light . And  head-heavy racquets give you less maneuverable and more power on ground . How to choose, it’s up to experience of players! You can consider head light or head-heavy when you know your strength and weakness.

  1. Choose Racquet Weight ?

The next tip that we provide for you is how to choose right racquet’s weight and balance. Racquet made from many materials , light racquet made from graphite is suitable for beginners. They give you more power as well as control.

You know? The lightest racquet made from Kevlar or Boron, as we know, these racquets are always the best choice for advanced players in competition.

  1. What is My Grip Size?

In addition to weight, Grip Size is important. How to know what  is your grip size, we’ll give you some instruction:

You should choose a grip size that feels comfortable in your hand. If you don’t know how to get the right size, ask a knowledgeable tennis professional, at a club or pro shop to sure of your size. And we have a tip, you should buy the racquet with the smaller size when you’re in between two grip sizes.

  1. Balance:

Finally, we talk about the balance. The balance affects the ‘swingweight’ of the  racquet.  How to measure a racquet’s balance? According to us, a racquet’s balance is usually measured in a unit called “points,”. One with a head-heavy balance and another with a head-light balance, both of which weigh exactly the same: the head-heavy racquet will feel noticeably heavier to swung.!

That’s an example for you , how to choose a right racquet for player.

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