History of Tennis

Tennis is one of the most famous sports nowadays and it is definitely the one sport that gives the biggest awards. Of course we are not talking just about money, but also fame and pride. However as any other sport, tennis also has history and it it one of the sports with the most interesting, yet not so big history.

According to the latest analyzes, it is believed that tennis was first introduced to the country of France around the beginning of the 12th century, however we can’t expect from the people of these ages to have had racquets and such so the ancient tennis was actually played with the bare palms of your heads. There is not much info about what the balls were made out of, but we can be sure that they didn’t have the elastic and hi-tech materials we have nowadays so they were most probably made of cloth and rubber.

One old picture of history of tennis
One old picture of history of tennis

With time the tennis sport started to attract even more fans and players and eventually a big improvement was introduced to the players – the racket. Rackets were first used in the late 16th century and the tennis players quickly evaluated their help and they became an inevitable part of the tennis game. The first time in which tennis was believed to be patented was in 1873 be a major named Walter Clopton Wingfield, however the game wasn’t called tennis, but instead – sphairstrike.

The first major championship which involved tennis was the Wimbledon and it was held in London in the 1877. Of course tennis was known to be a relatively new sport and during the first tournament, there were a lot of speculations and disagreements about the rules.

However this game was famous mainly in Europe, but in 1874 a tennis court was built in the Staten Island Cricket Club. The first American tournament was held there in 1880 and it was won by a British man who goes by the name of O.E. Woodhouse. This was the first tournament to which a doubles match was presented and the battle there was won by a pair of local Americans.

With time a lot of different tournaments popped up, but some of the most famous are the US Open, first held in 1881, US Women’s Singles Championship in 1887, French Open In 1891 and of course the Australian open which is currently one of the most famous tennis tournaments. Nowadays the Wimbledon, US Open, French Open and Australian open are the biggest tennis tournaments are known as the Slams or Majors.

The first official tennis rules were presented in the 1924 and they were written and analyzed by the International Lawn Tennis Federation which is currently known as the International Tennis Federation. The major change that was presented at this moment was the addition of a new tie-break system which was created by James Van Alen.

All other sports have national teams and competitions and tennis doesn’t make a difference. The top competition for national teams is named the Davis Cup and it dates from the 1900. There is also a competition for women and it is named the Fed Cup, but appeared quite later – in the end of 1963 and it was presented at the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the International Tennis Federation.

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