The Misunderstanding About Tennis Racquet

In tennis, the racquet is the most important items. Use the correct, properly understood how to use the racquet will help you compete successfully. If there are misunderstandings about the racquet, you will struggle to improve his game.

Here are 4 things you need to understand it correctly.

Department dampers help prevent elbow

Department of hard rubber that you mount on the bottom surface to reduce vibration racket strings of the racquet when exposed wire ball. Quite a lot of people believe the myth that vibrations caused by elbow, while the truth is derived from non-standard polishing techniques or strong shocks spread through frame and transferred to your arm at exposure (residual effects of it happening very fast and difficult to identify). So how to reduce injury? It is best to play with moderately heavy racquet and can withstand the forces of the best ball. There are many kinds of racket designed damping features.

No stretch string helps increase the power of your force

Those who knit professional tennis strings that slight tension of the wire will lend its effects bounce the ball go faster. But the latest study by the Association of American knitting racket strings announced the velocity movement of a ball leaving the strings remain unchanged when the tension of the strings differently. The only thing that changes is the length of the ball. When you perform swirling strokes from the baseline, hit the tennis ball with lighter tension on the strings to stop longer (a portion of a second), and by the movement of the blow from low to high the ball will leave the strings with high orbit. Street ball will go towards the deep end of the field, giving you a stronger sense of polish.

Weight gain for the grip will help control the racquet easier?

Some players believe that they can make the racquet easier to manage by pasting a piece of lead (lead tape) below the handle to alter the balance of the racquet. The increasing importance to tennis, though you paste pieces of lead in the body position on the grip, will move the heavier blows. However, when pasting pieces of lead in the handle, you can increase the stability of the racket and hit power without significantly reducing features to control it.

Racquets are helping increase slightly harder

Lighter does not mean strong. Some players argue that heavy racquet will allow them to more easily accelerated in every way the ball. But many players do not make the attack faster with lighter rackets. Rackets can slightly increase the force of the racket face large size (over-size), hard or long frame.

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