The Rules of Tennis – The best tennis racquet reviews

Tennis is played on a rectangular court, by two or four players. Two player matches are known as singles. Four players matches are known as doubles, since there are two teams of two players each. Players or teams stands on opposite sides of a net, which runs across the middle and divides the court into two.



Rule 1: The player who starts the point is known as the server. They must hit the ball, over the net, to the opposing player, the receiver, who will be standing diagonally cross-court to them. This is known as the serve. The first person to server chosen by tossing a coin.

Rule 2: The server must stand before the baseline. The served ball must land within the designated area, and can only take the server when the receiver is ready. The sever has two chances to hit the ball in the designed area, see diagram for serving areas. If the server steps on the base line, before the racquet hits the ball, it is a fault. If the ball hits the net, but lands in the correct area, then another serve is granted. If the server misses twice, they lose the point.

Rule 3: The receiver may stand anywhere in their side of the court, but must let the ball bounce within the service area before attempting to return the servers ball. If the ball does not land in the service box, is is a fault and a second serve is granted. If the opponent hits the ball before it land in the service area, then it is deemed a fault and the server is given a point.

Rule 4: Scoring in tennis is a like a sequence of points, but rather than going up in increments of 1, the point sequence in tennis is LOVE, 15, 30, 40, where LOVE stands for 0. The sever starts the scoring first, and each subsequent point, the score is incremented in the sequence. A match is won after a point is scored at 40.

Rule 5:If a player who hit the ball hits the net or causes the ball to go outside the court they lose a point.

However, if the score is at 40-40, is is known as a deuce and game can only be won by 2 points.

When a player has won 6 games he is given is a set point, and the winner is the first to win 2 sets. However is the score is is 6-6 a tie-breaker is player. Here a game point is given one by one to a player when they score, and the first to reach 7 wins the set.

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