Tennis Racquet Grip Size


What is the best tennis racquet grip size? This is a question that can be difficult for beginners and more experienced players alike. At face value, the grip size might not seem important, however, it is one of the most important things about your tennis racquet.  The grip on your tennis racquet is far more than just the handle where you hold the racquet.

Best Tennis Racquet Grip Size
Best Tennis Racquet Grip Size


Having the right size grip can have a huge impact on your enjoyment of the game and your comfort while you are playing. If you are not comfortable, you will not feel ‘right’ – it’s possible you might even feel awkward and ungainly, as well as experiencing actual discomfort.

Your objective in choosing the correct grip size, is to establish a scenario where you are able to achieve the greatest hand surface on the grip, while you are holding the racquet. The principle behind this is that the greater the hand surface, the less effort is required to hold the racquet.

This seemingly innocuous fact can mean the difference between how well you are able to handle your racquet, which in turn impacts the quality of your game. In addition, there is a good chance you may incur arm or wrist injuries which are notorious for taking a long time to heal.

Should the grip be too small, your naturally occurring reflex is to squeeze the grip much harder than you  need to. This will also lead to arm and wrist discomfort as well as tennis elbow.


It is sometimes said, the right size is the best size. This simply means that the correct grip size will enable you to comfortably hold the racquet, without needing to squeeze hard. It should feel comfortable. Period.

If you are not sure and are not able to take measurements, opt for a larger size. This will reduce your chance of developing tennis elbow. The only instance where you might want to go for a smaller size, is if you are intending to use an overwrap or an over-grip, which will increase the handle size. It is also important to understand that you can always make a grip larger, but you cannot make it smaller. Such are the technicalities of determing the best tennis racquet size grip.


The standard sizes are: G1 (4 1/8 in), G2 (4 ¼ in), G3 (4 3/8 in), G4 (4 ½ in) and G5 (4 5/8 in).  Sometimes the G might be replaced with an L.

The correct way to measure for correct grip size is to measure from the top of the third finger to the bottom of the lateral crease at the base of the thumb. This measurement should align with one of the sizes above. A ‘one finger’ gap should be visible between thumb and fingers when holding the racquet correctly.

If you are able to determine the best tennis racquet grip size, you are giving yourself a good chance to become a competent player. You should enjoy your tennis and most importantly, avoid the discomforting and often long term injuries that so often occur to wrist, elbow and forearm.

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